Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Coming Fire of Purification by Persecution

The Bible tells us that in the last day's before the rapture occurs, that men will become extremely immoral, more violent, and filled with hate. We are warned that the last day's will be as the day's of Noah were before the flood. Men scoff and the Bible, the cross, and the Christian faith.

They continually challenge the authority of Scripture, even going as far as too re-write it to fit their evil agendas, but the greatest travesty of all lies with those who call themselves Christians, and with those who lead them.

It has been said that "as he church goes, so goes the nation"!

The Church of Jesus Christ in the United States, and Canada is to blame for much of the moral and spiritual decay we see today in society. If you are looking for someone to blame for the encroachment of marriage by sodomites, blame yourself because your lack of spiritual depth, and the fact your don't really live Biblically, is to blame!

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and a few other Christian leaders are warning us to stand at all cost to defend life, and prepare for persecution!

Our nation just elected a man who claimed to be a Christian, who is not born-again and spirit filled, and is actually of the anti-Christ, and is expected to bring persecution upon Bible Believing Christians in America. He along with anti-Christian liberals in Congress are sure to pass into law pieces of legislation aimed at destroying the all the inroads we have made over the years to save the unborn. Obama has also promised to veto any attempt to protect the sacred institution of marriage.

In many other places across the globe Christianity is against the law, or close to it. People are beaten, disowned by family, left homeless, and even martyred for there faith in Christ. As the Christian's of the dark ages walked into the arena to be eaten live by hungry lions, as Nero watched gleefully. So people in China, Africa, and other countries under Islamic rule suffer great persecution for their faith.

The church grows under persecution!

While the Church in America is dwindling away to nothing!

But things are about to change however, and it's the best thing that could happen to America's country club Christians, they are about to be truly persecuted for what they believe in a way they have never been before!

The fires of purification are about to burn brightly, and the true church will be set apart unto her Lord and Savior while the false sheep are hiding in the world, hoping they wont be spotted and singled out. Just like those followers of Christ who ran for cover, or kept their mouth shut to protect themselves, thinking they too might be beaten, and or crucified if they admitted to being a follower of Christ.

The Lord tells us that we will be beaten and hauled into court for his namesake, but that we are not to worry for he will place the correct words in our mouths at the proper time.

Prepare to have your money taken from you, your cushy homes, and fancy cars! Prepare to have less food to eat, and not eating out! Prepare to loose your jobs because of your faith in Christ! Prepare to have your homes firebombed by angry evil men! Prepare to loose your families that you love so dearly! Prepare to spend time in jail or prison, and even prepare to die for what you say you believe!

The church has NOT stood against sin the way it should, even within our own local fellowships we have turned a blind eye of convenience. Those who stand behind our pulpits have not preached strongly against sin, and the church members have not stood up and publicly renounced the evil that runs rampant in our society.

So called Christians do not seek God Passionately, and Continually. They do not seek after the Holiness, and Righteousness of God! They do not love God or each other the way they ought too! and they wonder why society is so screwed up, and why an ungodly man won the White House.

Oh Dear Brother, Dear Sister in Christ!

Will you now fall to your knees in repentance? Will you now weep before the Lord your God? Will you now seek him with your whole heart? Will you now let go of the false treasures of this world that you've been worshiping? Will you now stop living in Laeodocia, being complacent and apathetic unto the things of God? Will you now immerse yourself into his Holy Word? Will you now seek and desire his Holiness and Righteousness instead of your happiness??

Oh God call your people unto yourself! Allow them to burn with a fiery passion for Christ Jesus! So that they may boldly stand against sin! OH LORD send the purifying and refining fires unto your people in the United States and Canada, fill us with a true anointing of your Holy Spirit, not just words that sound good when they are said, but a real burning fire within us! Oh God you alone are our provider, and our deliverer! Our refuge from the storm the rages! We exalt you, and give you praise! In the Name of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God! AMEN!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

When I was Hurting, and You Aided me NOT

I lost my home due to separation from my spouse, and you did not react in my defense.

I lost my marriage, my life's partner turned her back on me, and you shunned me as though I was a leper, as if you knew nothing about what had taken place. No one even intervened to stop her from filing for divorce, not even the head shepherd of your flock cared enough to intervene.

I lost my job and you said "that's too bad, sorry to hear that, hope you find something soon". the months went by, I kept applying for work, nothing came of it, and only one of my brothers in Christ blessed me with $100 to help me. I advised your leadership that I was having financial difficulty, and you shuffled me off to a clearing house for an evaluation, instead of obeying the Word of God.

I lost my savings, my checking account became overdrawn more than once, I had a very difficult time because I had no real income coming in to pay my bills. I was stone broke, you did not aid me.

I thought the church was supposed to be a hospital for those who are spiritually wounded, it sees more like a slaughter house for those who don't seem to measure up to your man made standards. You seem to ignore those who need help right in your own congregation, didn't the church is Act's 2 take care of each other?

I thought that the church was suppose to be a lighthouse shining the light of the Gospel, so that lost ships can find there way safely into safe harbor, but your harbor is full of rocks, evil stares, and pointing fingers of condemnation. You bunch of Pharisees!

Jesus said these words "as much as ye have not done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have NOT done it unto me"!!

You come to church dressed in your Sunday best, you look good on the outside, but on the inside you are a filthy mess before God. Your worship is in vain because your hearts and minds are not focused on Christ, whom you came to worship, but upon many other things that preoccupy your thoughts instead.

Your lips mouth words that evade the ears of God Almighty. You say you love God, but your hearts are far away from him. Jesus stated this as fact, yet you think of yourself as a lover of God, but you don't even know the meaning of the word love because you do not love your brother/sister in Christ that is right in front of you.

Jesus made it clear that if a person say's that they love God, and yet they do not love their brother/sister in Christ who is plainly visible unto them, the love of God is not in them. You claim to love God yet you do not love each other the way you ought too.

Jesus also said it is by the love we have for each other that the world will know we belong to him. No wonder so many reject Christianity, it is because God's supposed people do not love God, or each other!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I look around at all the ungodliness that is parading around in the streets of this nation, and wonder how in the world things got this bad. It seems that every evil thing man can dream up is coming out of the woodwork, almost like a low budget horror film, the monsters are climbing out of their graves, and starting to haunt the rest of us.

I ask myself sometimes why God does not unleash the terror of his judgment on those who are calling evil good, and good evil.

Then I ask God why he does not send a wave or two of his awesome judgment upon certain people, and places in our country. Would that prove his existence too those who doubt he exists? Or would they just blame it on global warming again?

Then God reminds me in my spirit that the judgment I long for him to delve out starts with the righteous, not the unrighteous.

Judgment Begins with the House of God (1 Peter 4:17)

I still strongly believe that the reason American Society has regressed morally and spiritually is due to the fact that the church has slipped morally and spiritually.

It has been said that " As the church goes, so goes the nation."

I do firmly believe that the present state of the nation is the churches fault!

The lack of love for one another! The lack of love of God and his Holy Word!
The lack of spiritual power in the lives of said believers, especially those who speak from America's pulpits, shame on them for being ALL talk, and NO action!


For many have spent their lives inside our churches denying the "Power Thereof"!

Christian's in America are LUKEWARM at best, many are ice cold and indifferent, and just don't care anymore. Christianity is viewed by the culture as a has-been religion to be done away with because they hear our words, but don't see proof of what we say.

Signs and wonders are to follow the preaching of the Gospel. This is the physical proof that there is a God in Heaven. This was instituted by God to give man proof he/she could see with their own eye's, to validate the Word of God in the minds of mankind.

However I am more concerned with the lack of fervent prayer in lives of those who claim to be believers in Christ, and even more the lack of concern for those who are lost in sin. Also the lack of desire to move into the deeper things of God, to know him more personally every day.

Christians in America better pull their head out of their rectums real soon, we are clearly in the last day's, our time is short. We need one more big national revival in America! Will you join me in praying for it?

Surely there will be judgment for many within church as many are not soundly saved.Many church people will cry out Lord, Lord, and hear him say "I don't know you!"

We are supposed to be shaping the culture, not letting the culture shape us! We who are in Christ as supposed to be the counter-culture movement, not those who are outside of Christ and lost. Will you change your way's now Christian??

Because Judgment Begins with the House of God!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


In houses of Worship all across the land, people gather, Sunday after Sunday for the same reason, to Worship God, but is God really being worshiped in way he wants to be worshiped? Or, are most church goers just blowing smoke out their nether regions, and wasting God's time and theirs as they repeat the same old process week after week.

Their is a feeling I get when I view the masses gathered for what they call Worship, it sends a chill up and down my back, because I see that most church goers are missing some key ingredients. They lack LOVE for God, and LOVE for each other, they lack passion for God, and compassion for each other.

The Scripture makes it very clear that without LOVE, we are nothing. The worship of many has become as a clanging cymbal in the ears of God, mostly annoying the crap out of him, and not honoring him, nor adoring him as it ought to.

The problem stems from this major point, most church goers are mentally and spiritually unprepared before they enter the house of worship. Their hearts are not focused on the Lord God in the way they ought to be. Churches have become houses of fellowship, and friendship, Religious Country clubs where the well meaning go to get seen, and put on a good front.

My charge is this! Church goers are ill prepared to come before God, to meet with him, and experience his awesome presence. Thus being ill prepared results in wasting ones energy, and time worshiping God Almighty who has already turned a deaf ear to them out of shear annoyance. There prayers and songs don't even penetrate the cloud cover overhead, let alone make it into the throne room of heaven.

I am referencing that the heart attitude of 'would be' worshipers is not fixed on it's creator God when they enter the house of worship as it ought to be. Rather they enter nonchalantly, as if walking into the grocery store to purchase food stuffs. or a theater to watch a picture show.

There is a lack of reverence, and lack of respect, and mostly a lack of burning passion for God!!

SO, how will you enter your local house of Worship from now on?

Maybe we all should spend more time on our knees, seeking God in fervent prayer, so that we can enter the church house fully prepared to meet with God as living sacrifices, fully offered up to him. Focused on worshiping God in Spirit and Truth, so that his ears will be tuned into the praises we are showering upon him, and so that his heart will be blessed by our Worship.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I saw the pews looking emptier and emptier, only a few still faithful still remain, and the church doesn't pray.

The offerings got smaller and smaller, the bills were hard to pay
And the church doesn't pray.

I saw a young lady who lost her way, and found herself pregnant, she's scared of what people will say about her now, many just turn away with their noses in the air, But they don't bother to pray for her!

I saw a young man lying in a casket, who hurt so bad he put a rope around his own neck, because he felt he had NO hope, And the Church doesn't pray.

I saw a man sitting alone in the pew crying, his wife threw him out like yesterdays trash, and now he's all alone, And the Church doesn't pray for him, they largely ignore him.

I see a local church whose people have grown ice cold, and complacent in their faith
Cause they didn't bother to pray.

I have not seen sinners walk the ilse, or heard even a simple alter call in a long time
Because the Church doesn't pray!

and the hurting continue to hurt, the sinners continue in sin, and the blind still lead the blind
Because the Church doesn't pray!

We heard a powerful sermon on the Great Commission, the call to all to Evangelize, and have an influence for Christ in your community. AND THE CHURCH DOESN'T PRAY!

The preacher called for Holy Ghost Revival, we need some fire from above he exclaimed,
And the church doesn't pray!












Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When I say Hell

There is a very unpopular subject that exists among church-goers, and non-church goers alike. It is the subject of a literal burning Hell where those who reject Christ and his offer of Salvation end up. This is described is Scripture as a place of literal torment, not a pleasant subject, and that is why many church people choose to ignore the subject. I will be focusing on those within American's churches in this particular article.

Statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 So-called Christians believe in Hell, the place of torment. Statistics also tell us that there are 75 million un-churched Americans, some of them even consider themselves to be Christian, and some of those claim to have made a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Which ever way you slice the pie, we live in a culture that is extremely lost, and on it's way to Hell, and the lake of fire. It's not a joking matter friends, this is serious business, and I mean serious business.

There is another serious issue within the Christian church, and that would have to do with the indifference in the hearts of so-called believers concerning those who are lost without Christ. An extremely large portion of the American church is not actively involved in pursuing lost souls. This is due to the fact that our churches have become entertainment meccas, and religious country clubs, or full of ice cold religious folk.

People are set in their way's, comfortable and conformed to the world, instead of conformed to Christ. You can find the frozen chosen most every Sunday morning sitting in the same spot, in the same pew they normally sit in, hoping the preacher gets done with his sermon early, so they get home in time to watch the big game.

I really want to put the fear of God Almighty in you people!

When I say HELL! It ought to send a chill through your bones, starting at your head, all the way down to your toes. It ought to scare you, make you think about those around you week after week that are on their way there.

The thought of a dear friend, or a loved one entering this horrible place ought to scare you enough to prompt you think about their eternal destination, and how to reach then for Christ.

Likewise the thought of anyone burning alive for all of eternity ought to make you sick to your stomach. No one ever has to enter that horrible place, Christ does not want anyone to perish, he wants everyone to come to Salvation. A mental vision of Hell should cause one to engage in evangelistic work pronto!

That is why the church is here on this earth, to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus Christ. We are his physical representation upon this earth, if we don't do it, no one will.

We need major revival in the American church, and it will only come with much prayer before God. The preachers need to hit their knees on behalf on their congregations, and set the example, and teach on the need for feverent prayer.

Call your congregations to prayer, serious prayer, ferverent prayer!

Cancel whatever programs you have to, do away with outside distractions, and pray till the power of the Lord comes down!


Friday, January 25, 2008

What were you doing?

What were you doing when the trumpet sounded?

Were you watching and waiting in anticipation for your Lord's return?

Were you doing something that he would not have approved of?

Were you too busy to pay attention to the signs of the times?

Were you shopping at the mall for more junk you don't need?

Were you going about your own business ignoring his call for you to repent?

Were you a hater of Jesus and His Gospel?

Were you kneeling at your bedside in prayer?

Were you indifferent to the need of others to be saved?

Were you taken up to be with Christ, or left behind to face hell on earth?

Are you now ashamed to yourself?

What will you be doing when Jesus comes for his own?

How will you answer him?

Will you be ashamed of yourself?

Will He be ashamed of you?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Your a Radical Christian?

So you claim to be RADICAL FOR CHRIST!

You try to live right, talk right, even smell right!

You have a WWJD sticker on the rear bumper of your car, you wear articles of clothing with Christian slogans on them. You attend church services every week like clockwork, you sing in the choir, or play an instrument. You tithe ten percent just like your supposed too!

I have shocking news for you!

Those things do not make you a radical Christian. If you really want to be radical for Christ, get on your knees and seek God in a very real way.


Seek God so hard you sweat!

Seek him so hard you weep!

Fast and Pray Feverently!

Pray until His POWER and ANNOINTING fall on you!

Then you will be a RADICAL CHRISTIAN!