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So you've been a member of a certain church most of your life, or for many years you've gone to the same house of worship, but nothing much is happening there, and your haven't really changed at all. So the question is  why are you still there? No one has been saved in your church for years, or never at all, but still you continue to maintain as you have for years.

Let's face the truth shall we? Your church is dead! Your faith is moldy! You haven't really changed much because most likely there is no call coming from your churches pulpit to change, am I right? Many of the younger generation have left the church because let's face it, it's boring as sin! There is NO spiritual power flowing in the place, so they left for other churches where things are alive, where they can grow in there faith, and be challenged to change for the better.

Chances are you've warmed the same pew for years, but your soul is ice cold! What will you do when all the young people have left, and all the old cronies that kept the place open die off? Don't you realize that many 1400 churches close there door every year in America, mainly because they congregation can't afford to keep the doors open any longer.  A small handful close because of financial issues, or foreclosure.

So you sitting in the same dead church still where you are not growing spiritually, not being challenged towards personal holiness, and moral purity, but at least you took time to put in a personal appearance so people will at least think your a spiritual person right? Your too comfortable in your complacency to the point where you can't even see how spiritually dead you really are.


Get out of the same pew you've kept warm all these years, find out where God is really at work, and go join that church! Go where you will be challenged to allow God to change you into the Image of his Son Jesus Christ! Go even if the music is loud and not your personal style, but the people are excited to be there. Go  where the preacher is preaching the truth of God's Word, and he's not afraid to step on your toes once and awhile! Go where people are actually responding to the message and finding Christ as Savior!

One Pastor of a contemporary styled evangelical church stated "If the music is too loud bring ear plugs" He urged the older generation to be supportive of the younger people by being involved, and praying for them. His church is exploding with young people, high school to college age are there in large numbers, and the place is alive with passionate people who love God, and each other.

Can you say those things about your church? NO? Then you need to find a different church like the one above, get involved, and quit wasting your time in lifeless church! Your not doing yourself any favors, or anyone else for that matter.

"Too many churches have lost the fire, and zeal long ago, they are just maintaining, and they refuse to change. Therefore ICHABOD is written over there doors, and the Spirit of the Lord has left the building" Those churches are spiritually dead and worthless to their communities, and soon their doors will shut too.

As a word of warning the great preacher of old Charles Spurgeon stated " If you have no concern for the lost, be sure of this, your not saved yourself!"

If the older generation is going to continue to isolate itself, and only focus on their own concerns, and ignore the spiritual needs younger generations, then how can we expect God to bless our churches, when so many young people are lost, and on their way too Hell?

Let's face it, by the time a child enters their second year in college they most likely have written off church, and Christianity. They will leave the faith and more than likely not ever return, a very sad and shocking statistic!  So how long will you stay rotting in your dead churches, with your dead faith, and your dead lifeless so-called Christianity? How long will you wallow in your own selfishness while young people are committing suicide because they feel they have no hope, and see death as the only way out. The time has come for change! You yourself MUST CHANGE!

What is the Christian Church at large doing about these issues? Some are engaging the culture, changing to meet the needs of the younger generations, and others are just too stubborn to change. New churches get planted every year in order to reach out to younger people. They use contemporary worship music, drama, dance, multimedia, and other art forms that appeal to the younger set, and allow them to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ with them.


Get out of your dead religion! Find a church where they do not preach a socialized gospel, or teach that you must combine certain works to earn your Salvation. Find a church that teaches that Salvation is not something that we earn, but rather something that is free, a gift from God to all who repent and turn to him. Where Jesus is not just a nice guy who did nice things, but Lord and Messiah! The leader of a great church will spur you too change, and action. He will step on your toes when needed, and will comfort you when you need it also. The Pastor of your new church will be a visionary who never stops dreaming big for God, and causes you to dream big for God also.
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