Sunday, May 17, 2015

Attention Church: Grow Some Spiritual Balls!

Upset about the idea of "Gay Marriage"?
How about abortion?
Obama who would be King?
The Sex-Trade (Slavery/Porn)?
Hollywood's Filthy TV Shows & Movies?
Rampaging Black's destroying other peoples property?
Occupy Wall Street / Entitlement Mentality

etc? etc? etc?

Do these things at least concern you, if not make you angry?

We've all heard of the slippery slope our nation was headed down, and most Christian tucked their heads in the sand while society went straight to Hell, almost literally. Our nations moral values that once held society in tact are now eroded to the point where the underpinnings, or foundation is crumbling beneath our very feet.

The Scripture warns us in Psalms 11:3 "If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?"

If the moral and spiritual foundation upon which our nation was founded are destroyed, what remedy do we have? If the salt and light of the Church loses all of it's flavor, and light of the Gospel is snuffed out, what are we going to do? 

Evil is our society is running rampant because too many professing Christians have not taken a public stand for righteousness, and so evil has succeeded in entrenching itself so deep, that it seems we have no way to counter it, so most Christians do what they have done for most of the last century which is too huddle in their safe little Christian circles, and wait for the rapture to take them away.  

This is not what God wanted of his Church! We are too be salting the culture with Biblical Truth and Righteousness. We are too be witnessing to the lost, sharing the truth in love, and leading them to Christ. Every follower of Jesus is in fact an evangelist, who is given the charge to preach the Gospel, and win souls, but sadly enough only a small fraction of Christians every share their faith with anyone in their entire lifetimes.

The same small amount of active followers of Jesus are the same ones the speak out against unrighteousness, confront evil in society, and get the brunt of the persecution for their stand, why the rest of the Church is cozy and comfy in their air-conditioned, Christianized country-clubs, drinking lattes while listening to a feel-good message, then leaving the same as when they arrived. Many Churches in America have the appearance of being Bible-Preaching Churches, but lack the spiritual power that comes from the presence of the Holy Spirit actively moving in their midst.

I am not saying all Churches must change and become Charismatic, or Pentecostal. I am saying that we need to be truly Biblical in every way, not just in word, but deed also. Our nation is drawing it's last breath of freedom, as the enemies of America are pulling the plastic bag of socialism over the head & face of lady liberty.  Are you waking up yet? You must stand and fight in the power of God against the demonic manifestations that are taking us down, further every day.

The Church must rise, and by that I mean in the Power of the Holy Spirit against all ungodliness in this nation. By rising I mean humbling ourselves before God, asking him to cleanse our hearts, and our hands, that we might be pure before him, and able to be mightily used by Him.  Failure to humble ourselves now will result in Christians in this nation being persecuted as we can't even imagine, not unlike our brothers and sisters in Communist China, or some other nation that is hostile to the Gospel.

If you think that it cannot happen here you better reconsider your opinion, because it can and will happen here, unless the Lord sees fit to come and take away his Bride, but then again 50% of you that fill the pews week too week are not truly born-again. If you have no desire to reach the lost, study God's Word, Pray in the Power of the Spirit, you better examine yourself to see if your really saved or not.

Those of you who are saved better grow a pair in a hurry because crunch time has arrived, and all Hell is breaking loose in this nation while the luke-warm faithful continue to sleep in the light. Come our from your dead Christianity and obey the Word of God!  Come out from your daily routine of having daily devotions, and getting little from it, if anything!  Reading God's Word and agreeing with what it says, then not acting upon it is sinful in itself. 

It's time for the Church to change, it's time for the Church to Grow Some Spiritual Balls!  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

False Fire v.s. Real Fire

God spoke to me today about a very important subject that is going to make a whole lot of Church-goers angry. The Holy Spirit spoke in His still small voice and said to me write about this -"False Fire", the false manufactured excitement in place of an actual move of the Spirit of God. Mainly, because the Spirit of God is not present, and working in many local Churches today. They lack the Power of God while having the appearance of being Christian. 

They serve in their communities, reaching out to the lost, they may even see a few Salvation's over time, but still there is an overall apathy among the people because their hearts are divided between the things of this world, and the things of God. They don't read their Bibles, they don't pray as they ought too, and then they wonder why they never hear from God.   

Speaking of False Fire, I came across a common practice in many Charismatic/Pentecostal Churches where they hold classes too teach people how to speak in tongues. Excuse me, but if the gift of tongues is truly a gift from the Holy Spirit of God, why in the world would anyone have to take a class to learn how to speak in tongues?  I'll tell you why? False Fire!

If the Spirit of God was really moving as they believe He is, these people would automatically begin to speak in another known language, but because they can't always count on God to come through and produce this when they desire it too happen, they will teach you how to form the syllables, and put them together properly, so you can speak in tongues, and appear to be as Holy as every one else they have taught to do the same thing.

Talk about Holy Smoke and Mirrors!

If we took a hard enough look the Charismatics and Pentecostals are as spiritually apathetic as their tamer counterparts in the mainline Evangelical Churches are.  Ask the average Church member when the last time they shared their faith with someone outside of their Church? Or When was they last time to led someone to Christ?  The answer will not be a good one, in fact most Evangelicals and Protestants have never witnessed to an unbeliever, nor led anyone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in their entire lives.

OH but they have spoken in tongues! They have been baptized in the Holy Ghost! They believe they are going to Heaven someday, yet have never obeyed God's Word to preach the Gospel to the lost, let alone ever gone out and stood in front of an abortion clinic and tried to save the life of a pre-born child, and save the mothers from becoming murderers in the site of God. 

The Bibles declares that obedience is better than sacrifice.  We are eager to make a sacrifice of worship and praise to God, but too share our faith with a neighbor, or a co-worker? Christians today are afraid of what other people will think of us if we tell them that we are Christians, and share the Gospel with them. Are we afraid to offend people? 

Wouldn't it be much better to have offended someone in order to share Christ with them, and call them to repentance before God, rather than never confront them with the truth, and someday watch as they are tossed into the fires of God's anger and wrath?

Do we not realize that we are responsible for rebuking and reproofing others who are sinning? If we do not do so, their blood will be on our hands on the day of judgement. In other words, we will be held responsible to their eternal demise. This is not a pretty picture!

I've seen many Churches where the leadership must constantly devise new ways to keep people pumped up, and excited about Church, so they will keep coming week after week.  Again this is because the majority of the Churches in America lack the true Power of God moving and working in them. This may be because they Pastor does not spend enough time in prayer himself, or is just so busy he does not have time to slow down long enough too develop a true hunger for God himself.

We know that many Church-goers are lazy and apathetic when it comes to the true spiritual things of God. There seems too be a lack of true hunger and thirst for God amongst many Christians, and this is issue. The Pastors are cowards who won't speak out about certain issues that they ought to be addressing from their pulpits (hell, judgment, sin,  The Churches are full of spiritually powerless people being led by spiritually powerless preachers too afraid to preach the truth for fear of losing their jobs, their pensions, etc.

What we need in our Churches in America is the people to wake up spiritually, get a hunger for God, allow God to break their hearts for what breaks His, so they will begin to beg God to send them true revival.  
Revival begins in the heart of a single believer, or small group of believers who are willing to step out in faith, allow God to prune them, and break them so that they become extremely sensitive to the voice of the Spirit of God, and are ready to embrace His move. 

We need to quench the false fire, and allow the real fire of the Spirit of God to come manifest itself in our lives, and watch it spill out into the local Churches, and revival breaks out! Quit creating false excitement in the Church and start cultivating the real fire of God. Bring back the Power of God into the Churches that we might reap a harvest in these very last days.

Revival is a wild fire that spreads like a forest fire, consuming everything it's path, as the wind of the spirit blows it in the direction God wants it too go. Revival is not a bunch of people running around and screaming in weird tongues, dancing, shouting, barking like dogs, etc. Revival is God's people who have been broken, on theirs faces before God in all humility, begging God to move in their midst. Dear Lord Send us Revival! 

Revival requires us too have desperation of heart and soul, we must have a spiritual hunger for God and His Word, spending time in prayer, talking with God, being intimate with Him in a honest relationship, day by day.  Just as a man who has been walking through the hot dry desert longs for a drink of cool clear water, so we should long for a drink of the Spirit of God. 

Hungering and Thirsting for God and His Righteousness is the state that every Christian should be in, but sadly very few are. Is this what God meant when he said "and few there be that find it"?  We know that few actually seek after him, and this leads me too believe that the possibility exists that the larger portion of the Church may be unsaved, the religiously lost with a false sense of security. 

That would be just like Satan to trick masses of well meaning Church people into believing they are going to Heaven, when they are actually going to Hell. If we remain content with false fire in our lives, and in our Churches, we will never see a move of God in this nation again.

Let us examine ourselves to be sure that we are truly in the faith, and that we are pure in heart before God, with no known sin on our conscious. Let us request of the Lord that he prune from our lives the dead branches that are choking out the work of His Spirit, so that we start to produce good healthy fruit for His Kingdom.    

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How would Jesus Respond to the Lesbian Mayor of Houston TX?

Seriously, while I do not agree with the Government on any level ordering the Church around, or monitoring what it preached from it's pulpits, often the response towards those who are the enemies of Christ, and His Church are not given in a Christ like manner.

The Mayor of Houston, Texas and her City Attorneys issue subpoenas ordered several Pastors to send in copies of their sermons to the mayors office for review, plus certain emails. I am not sure what set this off, some had suggested previous legal action by these Pastors against the City of Houston pertaining to the HERO Law (Human Equal Rights Law), a law that would give special rights to those who practice deviant sexual relations.

I understand the Constitutional aspects of the issue, but I also understand the Biblical response that those who name the Name of Christ ought to be displaying.  What did Jesus say about how we should react towards those who hate us, despise us,  mistreat us, or even persecute us? I've read many hateful comments aimed at the Mayor of Houston, and the Holy Spirit told me to rebuke the people for piling evil upon evil, when God said to "overcome evil with good!"

I'm going to let God's Word speak for itself, this is how Jesus would respond!

Matthew 5 : 9-11 - " Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. "Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. "Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.…

Luke 6:35 - "Love your enemies! Do good to them."

Luke 6:27 - "But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,"

Matt. 5:44 - "But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you."

1 Peter 3:9 - "And you should not repay a person evil for evil, neither insults for insults; but to the contrary of these things, give blessings, for you are called to this, that you would inherit blessing."

Romans 12:14 - "Bless your persecutors; bless and do not curse."

Talk about counter-culture!  This is not only counter culture but counter natural human nature itself!

If even half the professing so-called Church-going Christians would obey God's Word, and Do what it say's and not just listen to it and agree with it, our society would be transformed by the Power of God. Those who walk in the Spirit of God have the power within them to overcome the natural impulses of their flesh, and rise above it to respond in a Christ-like fashion.

We are supposed to be the Salt and Light in this culture, and I wonder sometimes is most of the saltiness is gone from the American Church? In Luke 10:3 God say's to us “Go; behold, I am sending you as sheep among wolves.”.  We all know that wolves eat sheep, but Christ was a lamb sent too us for us, that we might see His example, and follow it. 

Matt 10:16 -......... be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves.”

In other words we are too be subtle, prudent, yet simple people. Innocent and above reproach. We are living in perilous times. Let your response to the Mayor of Houston be filled with the Grace of our Lord, so that we may not appear as a bunch of hateful Bible thumpers, but as people who love God and show forth his love even in the face of opposition.  We can respectfully disagree with her without being rude, and abusive. We must let our light shine forth among men so they will know we are true children of God.

Jesus would call her to repent and believe the Gospel, and we should do the same, but we are too speak it in love, not in condemnation.  Homosexuality is no worse a sin or abomination than adulterery, fornication, lying, stealing, etc,  We all sinned many times over, but there is a difference because who are in Christ have been freely justified by faith, and God no longer holds our sins against us.  

The potential of the rapture occurring in the near future is NO excuse to be lazy, or not to obey the Word of God. We are not people who just hear the Word of the Lord, but act upon it, live it out on a daily basis as we walk humbly before our God. In closing let me share one more verse of Scripture with you I hope will bless you and cause you to be all the more filled with the Grace of God.

Philippians 2:15 -  "so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God who are faultless in a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world." 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This is not an article about music, not the style of it, or personal preferences, but an article asking the question - Does God Hate Our Worship?

Amos 5:21-23 "I hate your festivals; I despise them. I'm not pleased with your religious assemblies. Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I won't accept them. I won't even look at the fellowship offerings of your choicest animals. Spare me the sound of your songs. I won't listen to the music of your harps."

The Lord speaking of his people Israel, who had again turned their back on His Laws, and once again living in wickedness, and disobedience to God's commands. God tells them that even their tithes and offerings they make unto him will not be accepted, and their songs of worship he will not listen too.

Can you image the Jew's of Israel, going up to the temple everyday with their offerings, and animals in tow to be sacrificed, and they are doing it all for nothing, because God will not accept their offerings, nor their sacrifices? 

We see why God is angry with them, and has put them on ignore.

Amos 5:12 - "You carried along the statues of [the god] Sikkuth as your king and the star Kiyyun, the gods you made for yourselves."

Israels greatest sin has always been - IDOLATRY

America is also full of every kind of IDOLATRY!  And Christians have fallen victim to the these idols of the American society.  Sometimes people stay home from Church in order to watch football, or NASCAR, or they are hanging out at the beach when they ought to be in the house of worship instead. More than that we allow the things of this world to occupy our hearts and minds, often in place of God, and the things of God.

More than all of that we American Church-goers and so busy with the things of this world we don't make time to obey God's commands. For instance going out and preaching the Gospel to the lost, and rescuing those being who are being taken away to death (the Pre-born). (Prov. 24:11-12)  Can we honestly say that we love our neighbors as ourselves? I've personally seen a lot of hate and wickedness coming from people who claim the name of Christ, plain evil!

How about Christians who have compromised and on the issue of human abortion? Church going women to claim to know Christ make up excuses to go have their own flesh and blood slaughtered, and have a million excuses for why they are doing it?  God does not wink at sin like this! Abortion is nothing more than sacrificing your children to the Devil, and the Church rolls on like nothing is a matter, ignoring that people are being murdered right down the street, and the pulpits are silent.

I wonder if all our offerings, and our prayers are even heard sometimes considering the sad state of the Church, and this nation? Take time to really think about this matter and see if there is something too what has been said here. I believe that 2015 is going to be a very hard year people in America, especially Christians. As long as evil men are in control, we can expect to be persecuted for our faith, and 2015 might be the year God uses to spank his people for their own sins.

James 1:22 - "But be a doer of the word and not only a hearer, and do not deceive yourselves."

Matt. 7:26 - "And everyone who hears these my words, but does not practice them, will be likened to the foolish man who built his house on sand."

Monday, October 1, 2012


Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr.
22 Christians went to our nations capital to kneel and pray in front of the White House, an act of defiance against a law that prohibits people from kneeling and praying in that place. A law that is unconstitutional, and violates the civil rights of the citizens of the United States of America.

My question is this.  How come there were only 22? Where were the other rest of the people who call themselves Christians? Why aren't they there kneeling in an act of civil disobedience to a tyrannical law that violates their right of freedom of religion, and freedom to assemble?

Why only a small handful dare to put themselves of the line for freedom and liberty? Where are the others? Where is the rest of the Church of Jesus Christ? Why are they not going to Washington D.C. and kneeling to pray, knowing they will be arrested for it? Is the Church all talk and NO action? No wonder we are losing our freedoms!

English: Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Mar...
English: Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King jr. (ca. 1955) Mrs. Rosa Parks altered the negro progress in Montgomery, Alabama, 1955, by the bus boycott she unwillingly began. National Archives record ID: 306-PSD-65-1882 (Box 93). Source: Ebony Magazine Ελληνικά: Φωτογραφία της Rosa Parks με τον Dr. Martin Luther King jr. (περ. 1955.) Español: Fotografía de Rosa Parks con Martin Luther King jr. (aprox. 1955). Français : Photographie Rosa Parks (ca. 1955) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus where the law said he must sit because of the color of her skin. Martin Luther King broke the law and was arrested in protest of unjust laws. He wrote from his jail cell these words "One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly ... and with a willingness to accept the penalty."  

The 22 Christian who knelt in front of the White House did so knowing they would be arrested, but did so anyway because of an unjust law meant to stop Christian from
 praying in public in that location.

As a reminder to many, the White House is the peoples house, not the Governments. We allow the sitting President, his family, and staff to reside and work there. They are supposed to be representing us as citizens, not there own personal interested, or agendas.

My friends, if there ever was a time in American history for Christian to willfully disobey the law, this is it, and do so in public even if it costs them something to do so. After all, freedom cost other people there very lives to secure, so that we might live in freedom and safety.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Would Jesus Protest at a Military Funeral?

Free speech is wonderful thing, it provides the individual the right to speak his/her mind without fear of Government control, or retaliation against his/her personal being. Too many times however, people have taken things too far, pushed the envelope for political or social gain, or for monetary gain.

Freedom must be tempered, not with Government controls that regulate free speech, and seek to control a man from the outside, but with Biblical moral boundaries that control a persons behavior from the inside out. As it turns out however, in America we are replacing our standards of public decency with that of Government control.

When society maintains a level of public decency, and is willing to enforce these standards either by peer pressure, or through the system of law, civility and justice will prevail. When a society allows it's standard of moral decency to be removed, chaos and confusion ensue. This is what has happened in America, we allowed others to attack and remove God, and the Ten Commandments, trample on everything that is sacred, and now we have a huge mess to deal with.

Anytime someone gets offended by someone else free speech they file a law suit to remove, or drown out the messages they don't like. This gets ugly, and people get angry. It's a war of world views that clash like Titans fighting in an arena, to the death. This battle will never end, but it forces people to choose sides on important issues in our culture.

What I want to discuss here is the way that Westboro Baptist protests the funerals of military personnel, and does so in a very vial manner. Carrying signs that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and  Your Going to Hell", and so forth. Their website refers to a dead marine as a 'fallen fool', which I might add goes against the very Scripture they claim to believe in which say's "If you say to someone 'you fool', you are in danger of the fires of Hell"  So who might be going to Hell WBC?

Most of the people that go out and travel around the country are lawyers connected to this so-called church, they knows the limits of the law, and walk a thin line where the law is concerned. The group carries signs that are easy to see and read, shout and intimidate anyone that get's in their way, or opposes them. They try and draw people into a confrontation, in hopes that people will attack them, or damage their signs. The group then will haul you into court and sue you for lots of money. If you ask me, it's a scam they are running, and they need to be stopped.

While I agree that Christians ought to speak out against evil, and sin. I believe that what WBC is doing is causing more harm than good. My big question is "What would Jesus do at a military funeral?" Would He carry big signs with with nasty slogans on them? Would He shout nasty things at people to get them to slip up so he could sue them? Would he cause insult to injury as Westboro does when grieving families see their hateful signs?

I think that most of us know the answers to these questions don't we?

How did Jesus Christ act when he walked this earth? Well, he looked at people with love, and treated the with respect while calling sinners to repentance, and the Kingdom of God. Jesus reacted strongly when confronted by the religious leaders who were trying to entrap him, so they could kill him. Jesus had compassion on the lost, and preached to them the need to repent and be saved.  He never carried a sign, shouted nasty things at people.

Jesus said to "do good to them that hate you" "pray for those who persecute you" and "if some hits you, turn the other cheek".  Jesus was not a push over, he was always in control of himself at all times. Granted, Jesus was/is God, and we are not, but he set forth an example for his people to follow. Does Westboro follow the example that Jesus Christ set? I'll let the reader answer that question.

Funerals are sacred moments in the lives of family and friends of a deceased person. A military funeral is just as sacred, and brings with it many formalities not associated with regular funerals. Funerals are for the living too help them move through the grieving process, and accept the death of a loved one. People who serve in America's armed forces deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They should be honored for their bravery, and protecting our liberty and freedom. To add insult to injury, to add to the grief of an already grieving family and spouse, is unacceptable!

For anyone or any group to picket the funeral of a fallen hero, too stand outside attempting to instigate a confrontation, is contemptible at best, and un-Christlike as well.

Shame on you Westboro Baptist!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


English: Church of Jesus Christ (Zion's Branch...
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So you've been a member of a certain church most of your life, or for many years you've gone to the same house of worship, but nothing much is happening there, and your haven't really changed at all. So the question is  why are you still there? No one has been saved in your church for years, or never at all, but still you continue to maintain as you have for years.

Let's face the truth shall we? Your church is dead! Your faith is moldy! You haven't really changed much because most likely there is no call coming from your churches pulpit to change, am I right? Many of the younger generation have left the church because let's face it, it's boring as sin! There is NO spiritual power flowing in the place, so they left for other churches where things are alive, where they can grow in there faith, and be challenged to change for the better.

Chances are you've warmed the same pew for years, but your soul is ice cold! What will you do when all the young people have left, and all the old cronies that kept the place open die off? Don't you realize that many 1400 churches close there door every year in America, mainly because they congregation can't afford to keep the doors open any longer.  A small handful close because of financial issues, or foreclosure.

So you sitting in the same dead church still where you are not growing spiritually, not being challenged towards personal holiness, and moral purity, but at least you took time to put in a personal appearance so people will at least think your a spiritual person right? Your too comfortable in your complacency to the point where you can't even see how spiritually dead you really are.


Get out of the same pew you've kept warm all these years, find out where God is really at work, and go join that church! Go where you will be challenged to allow God to change you into the Image of his Son Jesus Christ! Go even if the music is loud and not your personal style, but the people are excited to be there. Go  where the preacher is preaching the truth of God's Word, and he's not afraid to step on your toes once and awhile! Go where people are actually responding to the message and finding Christ as Savior!

One Pastor of a contemporary styled evangelical church stated "If the music is too loud bring ear plugs" He urged the older generation to be supportive of the younger people by being involved, and praying for them. His church is exploding with young people, high school to college age are there in large numbers, and the place is alive with passionate people who love God, and each other.

Can you say those things about your church? NO? Then you need to find a different church like the one above, get involved, and quit wasting your time in lifeless church! Your not doing yourself any favors, or anyone else for that matter.

"Too many churches have lost the fire, and zeal long ago, they are just maintaining, and they refuse to change. Therefore ICHABOD is written over there doors, and the Spirit of the Lord has left the building" Those churches are spiritually dead and worthless to their communities, and soon their doors will shut too.

As a word of warning the great preacher of old Charles Spurgeon stated " If you have no concern for the lost, be sure of this, your not saved yourself!"

If the older generation is going to continue to isolate itself, and only focus on their own concerns, and ignore the spiritual needs younger generations, then how can we expect God to bless our churches, when so many young people are lost, and on their way too Hell?

Let's face it, by the time a child enters their second year in college they most likely have written off church, and Christianity. They will leave the faith and more than likely not ever return, a very sad and shocking statistic!  So how long will you stay rotting in your dead churches, with your dead faith, and your dead lifeless so-called Christianity? How long will you wallow in your own selfishness while young people are committing suicide because they feel they have no hope, and see death as the only way out. The time has come for change! You yourself MUST CHANGE!

What is the Christian Church at large doing about these issues? Some are engaging the culture, changing to meet the needs of the younger generations, and others are just too stubborn to change. New churches get planted every year in order to reach out to younger people. They use contemporary worship music, drama, dance, multimedia, and other art forms that appeal to the younger set, and allow them to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ with them.


Get out of your dead religion! Find a church where they do not preach a socialized gospel, or teach that you must combine certain works to earn your Salvation. Find a church that teaches that Salvation is not something that we earn, but rather something that is free, a gift from God to all who repent and turn to him. Where Jesus is not just a nice guy who did nice things, but Lord and Messiah! The leader of a great church will spur you too change, and action. He will step on your toes when needed, and will comfort you when you need it also. The Pastor of your new church will be a visionary who never stops dreaming big for God, and causes you to dream big for God also.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Life Wasted - Bill Zeller's Last Words

Click on the link to read the full story. This should break your heart as it breaks God's heart. Bill Zeller lived a tormented life, one that could have been changed by the power of God, but no one really cared enough to reach out to him, why? So who or what is responsible for this mans death? I say the Church is responsible!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ever wonder why so many are walking away from the Christian faith?

Why young people reach a certain age and they no longer want anything to do with church?

Why Churches seem to be so Spiritually Dead?

Why the Spirit of God is NOT moving?

Why no one is being ’saved’?

Why we don’t see any miracles happening?

It seems that so many Christians have put God in a nice little box, where they can keep him where they want him, safe and out of site. Contained neatly within the parameters where they want to keep him, where they are comfortable with him, and they can do his so-called work without him (God) getting in their way.

So now they can push their own will, instead of to do God’s will, it’s very convenient for them you see, they are free to enforce their own agenda within the church, instead of obeying God’s agenda. Because God’s agenda seems to always get in the way, and that causes problems to those ‘control freaks’ within our churches.

Yes they have God in a Box!

Neatly housed where he can’t cause trouble!

For instance, God can’t heal anybody if we are too busy denying that he still heals today!

He (God) can’t deliver anyone from drugs, or sexual addictions if we keep him locked in the box where he can’t interfere with the churches counseling ministry, after all we know that psychology produces results, at least sometimes.

Preachers talk about how we ’Need a move of God’!

But if God were really to move they way he wants to move, we wouldn’t know how to handle the manifestation of his glory, so it’s just safer to keep him locked in a little box where we control the outcome, instead of yielding ourselves to him in obedience and letting him have control.

The truth is that if God were to move and manifest his power, most modern ‘so-called’ followers of Christ would not be able to handle it if the Holy Spirit were to step down and show forth the power of God!
It’s much easier to just deny that God still works like that these day’s then it is to acknowledge that God is all powerful and able to work miracles in our midst despite our own lack of faith, and disobedience to God and his Holy Word.

Most preachers call for a move of God now and then, but mostly it’s just words coming out of their mouths. They may really want God to move, but they lack the anointing from the Lord to get it done!

Talk is cheap even in church!

It is easier for some preachers just to keep God in a box, where he won’t call them deeper into the things of God. For if they delved into the deeper things of God, they would have to call their congregation forth from their spiritual slumber, and that might have negative repercussions attached to it, like looking for a new preaching position in a different town!

It’s easier to let sleeping dogs lie than too attempt to wake them up, and many preachers are just happy to let them lie there, asleep in the light.

Nevertheless, the preacher has the responsibility to preach the truth, and he must be Rev. Porcupine, and stick it too them good, “ouch preacher! It‘s getting prickly in here“.

Trust me, they are in every church, those who are just along for the ride, comfortable in their undemanding lives, keeping God in his box where he can’t interfere with their spiritual nap, it’s so nice being apathetic and indifferent to the things of God. It’s so nice basking in the warmth of our own self-righteousness, and self-dependence

We have snuffed out the fire of God in our churches. We have limited his presence and power by boxing him up the way we wanted him, so that God will not call us out of our comfortable lives and ask us to do something we deem as unpleasant in nature, that would disrupt our way of life.

The church is chocked full of false converts who could care less about the lost, let alone a real move of God, and a revival would just upset them way to much. It’ so much easier to just shut down those within the church whom God lights a fire inside of by just saying something like this - “We don’t do it that way around here” or “Your not qualified to do that, you don’t have a Bible degree!” or “Your hormones are out of balance, go see a doctor!”

God say’s in His Word - 1 Thessalonians 5:19 (Amplified Bible)

“Do not quench (suppress or subdue) the [Holy] Spirit;”

But yet so many who call themselves Christians are doing just that, living in denial of the power of God, shoving God in a box where he can’t screw up their comfy lives. It’s easier to box God up instead of boxing ourselves up.

I got a better idea!

God here I am, I am in the box now, instead of you!

This box is a present for you God! Please Open Me! Open Me!

Pull the bow of first, oh boy!

Cannot wait for you to get me unwrapped God, I am in the box now, and you are free to do your own will, and move the way you want too!

Hurry God unwrap me! I can hardly wait until you get the paper off!

The anticipation in killing me God, unwrap me, I am all yours to do with what you want too! My life belongs to you, not me, I give you 100% ownership of me, I belong to you anyway, I’m not my own person, I never have been. Do with me as you will, I yield myself to you completely. I am still in this box God waiting for you to unwrap me hurry!

Yes! Yes! That’s it God! Take the last of paper off, now open the box, oh boy!

Yes, here I am God, READY TO DO YOUR WILL!

I AM NOT my own person; you God own the rights to me, now I surrender them to you. I no longer want to force my own will, but I will seek your will. I am done denying your power and might! I want to embrace your move, the move of the Holy Spirit!

It is hard, I’m not going to lie to you. Seeking God seriously and praying for revival in our lives bring demonic oppression against us. It’s far more easier to just float along in Jesus until rapture day, but that is not what God really desires of us. He desires us to do much deeper into him, to experience all he has to offer us, so that we can be fully used of him to reach the lost.

Let us stop putting God, in a Box!

Let us stop embracing our own convenience lifestyles, and the things of this world, and let us jump headlong in God, and embrace his will, and his move!

Not our will, but his be done!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

12,000 Churches

12,000 Churches sign up to celebrate evolution!

12,000 Churches are going to celebrate Darwin's 200th Birthday!

12,000 Churches are forsaken the Authority of the Word of God!

12,000 Churches have bought into a lie!

12,000 Churches are horribly in error!

12,000 Churches no longer confront sin!

12,000 Churches no longer teach God's Word!

12,000 Churches in America are a disgrace unto the Gospel of Christ!

12,000 Churches have 12,000 preachers that should be ashamed of themselves!

12,000 Preachers ought to find a different line of work!

I wonder how many false converts are part of these 12,000 churches, and how many will be shocked on judgment day too find out they are still lost in their sin!
What a disgrace this is to the Lord when church goers no longer believe his Word, but rather take fallible man's word instead. I pray God will send a new wave of repentance and revival to our churches soon!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Coming Fire of Purification by Persecution

The Bible tells us that in the last day's before the rapture occurs, that men will become extremely immoral, more violent, and filled with hate. We are warned that the last day's will be as the day's of Noah were before the flood. Men scoff and the Bible, the cross, and the Christian faith.

They continually challenge the authority of Scripture, even going as far as too re-write it to fit their evil agendas, but the greatest travesty of all lies with those who call themselves Christians, and with those who lead them.

It has been said that "as he church goes, so goes the nation"!

The Church of Jesus Christ in the United States, and Canada is to blame for much of the moral and spiritual decay we see today in society. If you are looking for someone to blame for the encroachment of marriage by sodomites, blame yourself because your lack of spiritual depth, and the fact your don't really live Biblically, is to blame!

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and a few other Christian leaders are warning us to stand at all cost to defend life, and prepare for persecution!

Our nation just elected a man who claimed to be a Christian, who is not born-again and spirit filled, and is actually of the anti-Christ, and is expected to bring persecution upon Bible Believing Christians in America. He along with anti-Christian liberals in Congress are sure to pass into law pieces of legislation aimed at destroying the all the inroads we have made over the years to save the unborn. Obama has also promised to veto any attempt to protect the sacred institution of marriage.

In many other places across the globe Christianity is against the law, or close to it. People are beaten, disowned by family, left homeless, and even martyred for there faith in Christ. As the Christian's of the dark ages walked into the arena to be eaten live by hungry lions, as Nero watched gleefully. So people in China, Africa, and other countries under Islamic rule suffer great persecution for their faith.

The church grows under persecution!

While the Church in America is dwindling away to nothing!

But things are about to change however, and it's the best thing that could happen to America's country club Christians, they are about to be truly persecuted for what they believe in a way they have never been before!

The fires of purification are about to burn brightly, and the true church will be set apart unto her Lord and Savior while the false sheep are hiding in the world, hoping they wont be spotted and singled out. Just like those followers of Christ who ran for cover, or kept their mouth shut to protect themselves, thinking they too might be beaten, and or crucified if they admitted to being a follower of Christ.

The Lord tells us that we will be beaten and hauled into court for his namesake, but that we are not to worry for he will place the correct words in our mouths at the proper time.

Prepare to have your money taken from you, your cushy homes, and fancy cars! Prepare to have less food to eat, and not eating out! Prepare to loose your jobs because of your faith in Christ! Prepare to have your homes firebombed by angry evil men! Prepare to loose your families that you love so dearly! Prepare to spend time in jail or prison, and even prepare to die for what you say you believe!

The church has NOT stood against sin the way it should, even within our own local fellowships we have turned a blind eye of convenience. Those who stand behind our pulpits have not preached strongly against sin, and the church members have not stood up and publicly renounced the evil that runs rampant in our society.

So called Christians do not seek God Passionately, and Continually. They do not seek after the Holiness, and Righteousness of God! They do not love God or each other the way they ought too! and they wonder why society is so screwed up, and why an ungodly man won the White House.

Oh Dear Brother, Dear Sister in Christ!

Will you now fall to your knees in repentance? Will you now weep before the Lord your God? Will you now seek him with your whole heart? Will you now let go of the false treasures of this world that you've been worshiping? Will you now stop living in Laeodocia, being complacent and apathetic unto the things of God? Will you now immerse yourself into his Holy Word? Will you now seek and desire his Holiness and Righteousness instead of your happiness??

Oh God call your people unto yourself! Allow them to burn with a fiery passion for Christ Jesus! So that they may boldly stand against sin! OH LORD send the purifying and refining fires unto your people in the United States and Canada, fill us with a true anointing of your Holy Spirit, not just words that sound good when they are said, but a real burning fire within us! Oh God you alone are our provider, and our deliverer! Our refuge from the storm the rages! We exalt you, and give you praise! In the Name of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God! AMEN!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

When I was Hurting, and You Aided me NOT

I lost my home due to separation from my spouse, and you did not react in my defense.

I lost my marriage, my life's partner turned her back on me, and you shunned me as though I was a leper, as if you knew nothing about what had taken place. No one even intervened to stop her from filing for divorce, not even the head shepherd of your flock cared enough to intervene.

I lost my job and you said "that's too bad, sorry to hear that, hope you find something soon". the months went by, I kept applying for work, nothing came of it, and only one of my brothers in Christ blessed me with $100 to help me. I advised your leadership that I was having financial difficulty, and you shuffled me off to a clearing house for an evaluation, instead of obeying the Word of God.

I lost my savings, my checking account became overdrawn more than once, I had a very difficult time because I had no real income coming in to pay my bills. I was stone broke, you did not aid me.

I thought the church was supposed to be a hospital for those who are spiritually wounded, it sees more like a slaughter house for those who don't seem to measure up to your man made standards. You seem to ignore those who need help right in your own congregation, didn't the church is Act's 2 take care of each other?

I thought that the church was suppose to be a lighthouse shining the light of the Gospel, so that lost ships can find there way safely into safe harbor, but your harbor is full of rocks, evil stares, and pointing fingers of condemnation. You bunch of Pharisees!

Jesus said these words "as much as ye have not done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have NOT done it unto me"!!

You come to church dressed in your Sunday best, you look good on the outside, but on the inside you are a filthy mess before God. Your worship is in vain because your hearts and minds are not focused on Christ, whom you came to worship, but upon many other things that preoccupy your thoughts instead.

Your lips mouth words that evade the ears of God Almighty. You say you love God, but your hearts are far away from him. Jesus stated this as fact, yet you think of yourself as a lover of God, but you don't even know the meaning of the word love because you do not love your brother/sister in Christ that is right in front of you.

Jesus made it clear that if a person say's that they love God, and yet they do not love their brother/sister in Christ who is plainly visible unto them, the love of God is not in them. You claim to love God yet you do not love each other the way you ought too.

Jesus also said it is by the love we have for each other that the world will know we belong to him. No wonder so many reject Christianity, it is because God's supposed people do not love God, or each other!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I look around at all the ungodliness that is parading around in the streets of this nation, and wonder how in the world things got this bad. It seems that every evil thing man can dream up is coming out of the woodwork, almost like a low budget horror film, the monsters are climbing out of their graves, and starting to haunt the rest of us.

I ask myself sometimes why God does not unleash the terror of his judgment on those who are calling evil good, and good evil.

Then I ask God why he does not send a wave or two of his awesome judgment upon certain people, and places in our country. Would that prove his existence too those who doubt he exists? Or would they just blame it on global warming again?

Then God reminds me in my spirit that the judgment I long for him to delve out starts with the righteous, not the unrighteous.

Judgment Begins with the House of God (1 Peter 4:17)

I still strongly believe that the reason American Society has regressed morally and spiritually is due to the fact that the church has slipped morally and spiritually.

It has been said that " As the church goes, so goes the nation."

I do firmly believe that the present state of the nation is the churches fault!

The lack of love for one another! The lack of love of God and his Holy Word!
The lack of spiritual power in the lives of said believers, especially those who speak from America's pulpits, shame on them for being ALL talk, and NO action!


For many have spent their lives inside our churches denying the "Power Thereof"!

Christian's in America are LUKEWARM at best, many are ice cold and indifferent, and just don't care anymore. Christianity is viewed by the culture as a has-been religion to be done away with because they hear our words, but don't see proof of what we say.

Signs and wonders are to follow the preaching of the Gospel. This is the physical proof that there is a God in Heaven. This was instituted by God to give man proof he/she could see with their own eye's, to validate the Word of God in the minds of mankind.

However I am more concerned with the lack of fervent prayer in lives of those who claim to be believers in Christ, and even more the lack of concern for those who are lost in sin. Also the lack of desire to move into the deeper things of God, to know him more personally every day.

Christians in America better pull their head out of their rectums real soon, we are clearly in the last day's, our time is short. We need one more big national revival in America! Will you join me in praying for it?

Surely there will be judgment for many within church as many are not soundly saved.Many church people will cry out Lord, Lord, and hear him say "I don't know you!"

We are supposed to be shaping the culture, not letting the culture shape us! We who are in Christ as supposed to be the counter-culture movement, not those who are outside of Christ and lost. Will you change your way's now Christian??

Because Judgment Begins with the House of God!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


In houses of Worship all across the land, people gather, Sunday after Sunday for the same reason, to Worship God, but is God really being worshiped in way he wants to be worshiped? Or, are most church goers just blowing smoke out their nether regions, and wasting God's time and theirs as they repeat the same old process week after week.

Their is a feeling I get when I view the masses gathered for what they call Worship, it sends a chill up and down my back, because I see that most church goers are missing some key ingredients. They lack LOVE for God, and LOVE for each other, they lack passion for God, and compassion for each other.

The Scripture makes it very clear that without LOVE, we are nothing. The worship of many has become as a clanging cymbal in the ears of God, mostly annoying the crap out of him, and not honoring him, nor adoring him as it ought to.

The problem stems from this major point, most church goers are mentally and spiritually unprepared before they enter the house of worship. Their hearts are not focused on the Lord God in the way they ought to be. Churches have become houses of fellowship, and friendship, Religious Country clubs where the well meaning go to get seen, and put on a good front.

My charge is this! Church goers are ill prepared to come before God, to meet with him, and experience his awesome presence. Thus being ill prepared results in wasting ones energy, and time worshiping God Almighty who has already turned a deaf ear to them out of shear annoyance. There prayers and songs don't even penetrate the cloud cover overhead, let alone make it into the throne room of heaven.

I am referencing that the heart attitude of 'would be' worshipers is not fixed on it's creator God when they enter the house of worship as it ought to be. Rather they enter nonchalantly, as if walking into the grocery store to purchase food stuffs. or a theater to watch a picture show.

There is a lack of reverence, and lack of respect, and mostly a lack of burning passion for God!!

SO, how will you enter your local house of Worship from now on?

Maybe we all should spend more time on our knees, seeking God in fervent prayer, so that we can enter the church house fully prepared to meet with God as living sacrifices, fully offered up to him. Focused on worshiping God in Spirit and Truth, so that his ears will be tuned into the praises we are showering upon him, and so that his heart will be blessed by our Worship.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I saw the pews looking emptier and emptier, only a few still faithful still remain, and the church doesn't pray.

The offerings got smaller and smaller, the bills were hard to pay
And the church doesn't pray.

I saw a young lady who lost her way, and found herself pregnant, she's scared of what people will say about her now, many just turn away with their noses in the air, But they don't bother to pray for her!

I saw a young man lying in a casket, who hurt so bad he put a rope around his own neck, because he felt he had NO hope, And the Church doesn't pray.

I saw a man sitting alone in the pew crying, his wife threw him out like yesterdays trash, and now he's all alone, And the Church doesn't pray for him, they largely ignore him.

I see a local church whose people have grown ice cold, and complacent in their faith
Cause they didn't bother to pray.

I have not seen sinners walk the ilse, or heard even a simple alter call in a long time
Because the Church doesn't pray!

and the hurting continue to hurt, the sinners continue in sin, and the blind still lead the blind
Because the Church doesn't pray!

We heard a powerful sermon on the Great Commission, the call to all to Evangelize, and have an influence for Christ in your community. AND THE CHURCH DOESN'T PRAY!

The preacher called for Holy Ghost Revival, we need some fire from above he exclaimed,
And the church doesn't pray!












Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When I say Hell

There is a very unpopular subject that exists among church-goers, and non-church goers alike. It is the subject of a literal burning Hell where those who reject Christ and his offer of Salvation end up. This is described is Scripture as a place of literal torment, not a pleasant subject, and that is why many church people choose to ignore the subject. I will be focusing on those within American's churches in this particular article.

Statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 So-called Christians believe in Hell, the place of torment. Statistics also tell us that there are 75 million un-churched Americans, some of them even consider themselves to be Christian, and some of those claim to have made a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Which ever way you slice the pie, we live in a culture that is extremely lost, and on it's way to Hell, and the lake of fire. It's not a joking matter friends, this is serious business, and I mean serious business.

There is another serious issue within the Christian church, and that would have to do with the indifference in the hearts of so-called believers concerning those who are lost without Christ. An extremely large portion of the American church is not actively involved in pursuing lost souls. This is due to the fact that our churches have become entertainment meccas, and religious country clubs, or full of ice cold religious folk.

People are set in their way's, comfortable and conformed to the world, instead of conformed to Christ. You can find the frozen chosen most every Sunday morning sitting in the same spot, in the same pew they normally sit in, hoping the preacher gets done with his sermon early, so they get home in time to watch the big game.

I really want to put the fear of God Almighty in you people!

When I say HELL! It ought to send a chill through your bones, starting at your head, all the way down to your toes. It ought to scare you, make you think about those around you week after week that are on their way there.

The thought of a dear friend, or a loved one entering this horrible place ought to scare you enough to prompt you think about their eternal destination, and how to reach then for Christ.

Likewise the thought of anyone burning alive for all of eternity ought to make you sick to your stomach. No one ever has to enter that horrible place, Christ does not want anyone to perish, he wants everyone to come to Salvation. A mental vision of Hell should cause one to engage in evangelistic work pronto!

That is why the church is here on this earth, to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus Christ. We are his physical representation upon this earth, if we don't do it, no one will.

We need major revival in the American church, and it will only come with much prayer before God. The preachers need to hit their knees on behalf on their congregations, and set the example, and teach on the need for feverent prayer.

Call your congregations to prayer, serious prayer, ferverent prayer!

Cancel whatever programs you have to, do away with outside distractions, and pray till the power of the Lord comes down!