Saturday, July 9, 2016

What Drives the Christian Vote?

Mark Twain wrote that it was the Christians duty to vote and to vote for clean candidates, but he also wrote that Christians keep voting for and electing unclean candidates because they vote party line instead of voting based on principle.

I contend that what drives the Christian vote is the same thing that drives the secular vote, pure greed and lust. We want to fill our own pockets instead of having our hearts filled with the Holy Spirit. Our Churches are spiritually dead so our nation is also

We want more prosperity, better jobs, higher pay, fewer taxes, smaller government, and in the end, we end up with impure people running our nation and we are still as miserable as we were before. Christians do not carry their "code of morals" to the polls with them anymore, at least not many do these days, it's all about our pocketbook, not the good book.

The Christian Church no longer calls for righteous men to stand for righteousness when they enter the polls. The Church fears the Government stooges coming in and taking away their tax-exempt status so they don't preach what they ought to preach, and things continue downhill as usual.

America is on her deathbed gasping for air, as the Christians rally behind unclean candidates who would defend her and work to restore her, the great republic that once stood for freedom and liberty now lays dying in a pool of her own greed, hate, anger, and violence.

Christian reject the righteous candidate in favor of the populous candidate. Greed is the motivator hiding behind the curtain pulling the levers. The call for party unity is a call for false unity.  We are told that light and darkness cannot dwell together in unity and that they Gospel of Jesus divides men rather than uniting them. This divisive message called the Gospel causes men to hate those who follow this message, and even drives evil men to desire to kill those that will not go along with what society demands we follow.

They do not understand how some people choose to stand on principles and convictions over a political party. They call all the louder for Americans to unite behind their populous candidate even if their candidate happens to be an immoral man it seems that does not matter to them. What matters to then is more money and more power, making American a great country again at the expense of America's soul.

How can an unclean and evil man or woman deliver the nation from evil?

How can a candidate who is less than conservative do what we truly desire to get done?  How can we trust that they will create conservative policies that will repair the damage that the last leader has done?  How can we trust any man based solely on his words? No matter how convincing he/she sounds does their record and their lifestyle measure up to what he/she says.

What drives the Christian vote should be Biblical Moral Values, Ethics, and Principles! Every professing Christian should carry their code of Christian morals and values into the polls and vote them in every election.

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