Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Moral Conscious of a Nation

Morality, does anyone in America even know what this word means anymore?  It seems that morals and principles are overlooked in favor of emotion, prosperity, and pleasure.  Has our national conscience been so seared, become so calloused that we no longer care about what is right? Are we so desensitized to the evil that we have become a part of it instead of fighting against it?

Have we fallen that far away from our founding principles based on Judeo-Christianity and the Moral Law of God that we go along with whatever evil the ungodly dictate and have learned to tolerate it rather than challenge it? Have we become a godless nation?

What becomes of a nation that forgets God and His Truth?

Our Founding Father knew the importance of the Bible, the Holy Scriptures and how they influence a nation and a society. These men also knew that if America ever ceased to be a great nation it would be because America forgot God and the Bible.

"If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God,
then we will be a Nation gone under."
-Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan has a healthy reverence for God and knew that this nation would eventually head the wrong way and he was warning us that if we allow others to come along and remove our Christian Heritage from us, this nation would be 'gone under'.  How did we fall so far?  We allowed evil men to dictate to us that we could not legislate morality, while they turned around and legislated immorality. Christians fell for their lies and retreated to their safe places and watched as the very foundation of their nation was shredded by infidels, and many were brainwashed with the idea that morality was a relative thing, not absolute.

America was blessed with great wealth and prosperity and took it for granted. Like a very rich man thinks he has earned this for himself and does not acknowledge that God has blessed him with riches, this man lives a life of pleasure and does not see his need for a Savior. America became intoxicated with its wealth and became a nation full of self-indulgent pleasure seekers out for whatever makes them feel good, and developed an incessant need to be entertained constantly. America Forgot God!

"It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. "
- Patrick Henry

Americans stood by and watch in horror as their first black President went out of his way to trample our Consitution, and destroy the balance of power, and waste as much of our tax dollars as he could. Then we all watched in horror again as those we elected to Congress did nothing to stop this madman. Why is Obama so unstoppable? Why is everyone so impotent to stop this evil?  Simple! We are a nation that forgot God, a nation that decided that we wanted a King in Washington D.C. to rule over us with an iron thumb instead of a King in Heaven who is Holy, Just yet Merciful.

We are a nation who forgot God and allowed him to be stripped away from public view, forced out of our schools, his moral law hidden from view. and removed from the walls of our school rooms and courthouses. All while Americas "Christians" watched and shook their heads but did nothing to stop it or challenge those responsible for this atrocity. A nation that forgets God is a nation that is doomed to destruction!

What of the next generation?  This should scare us all to death because with each passing generation they become further and further away from God, and I fear the next generation will be the most godless generation we have ever seen in the history of our nation. We have no one but ourselves to blame as we stood by and watched instead of fighting for our rights, all of us not just some.

“It is freedom itself that still hangs in the balance, 
and freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.”
-Ronald Reagan 

It's been a long slow process that the socialists have been working on to remove God from our nation and take away all of our liberties while they impose socialism on us. Liberalism is Socialism people! In case you never realized this fact we have been putting into power the very enemies of liberty, and they have known all along that Christianity is the bulwark of liberty, so they must get rid of Christianity before they can take away all of our liberties so they open up the borders, and prop up Islam in order to destroy Christianity in America. 

Christians started Americas public schools and the Bible was used as a textbook to teach children how to read.  When the Bible and Prayer were removed from the schools a downward spiral began to take place as each generation drifted farther from God and His Truth.

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But, 
under the name of 'Liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, 
until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."
-Norman Thomas

Every American must, therefore, become extremely diligent in their efforts to root out every form of liberalism (socialism) from the halls of our Government by replacing them with those who are constitutionalists, and Christians.  Most of all we must return to the God of our forefathers, the God of the Bible that this nation was founded upon, whom we once had reverence for, or we ourselves will become extinct before long.

We can restore the republic and restore the authority of the law and the constitution by electing people to represent us who will do as we sent them to do. We must not be fooled into electing another unclean liberal candidate to office who cannot prove that what he says he will do, and has the record behind him or her to back up their claims. We must vote for candidates who have shown to be people of good moral character and of solid conservative principle.

The Moral Conscious of America has been dulled to the point that only a few are still able to discern right from wrong. Even in the Church, I fear there are many who have tolerated evil instead of standing up to it and fighting against it on their knees.  America has little or no moral conscious because 

I fear that if people don't change quickly that this nation will be too far gone and there will be nothing we can do to save it except to cry out to God, and maybe that is what it will take the loss of our liberties in order to wake up the sleepers from their whitewashed tombs?  In order to put the fire of God back in our Churches, we need to have the doors padlocked by a tyrannical government and be forced to meet in a cave or out in the middle of nowhere to worship God in secret?

I pray it will not come to this point but the way things look in this nation I think that this is more of a possibility than we realize, and maybe heavy persecution as they have in Communist China would be the thing that purifies the Church and the Nation.  The American people have lost the fear of God because those who profess to be Christians have lost the fear of God. We need full blown spiritual revival in the Church and throughout the entire nation.

What will it take to Restore America's Moral Conscious?

A Return to the God of the Bible, the King of America, Jesus the Christ!

 "When men cease to believe in God,
They will believe in anything."
- G.K. Chesterton

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