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Trump or Cruz - What Type of Leader Should America Elect?

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It's amazing to me how people is this nation are so focused on the economy, jobs, and other fiscal issues facing our nation, but not on the spiritual and moral issues that I believe are at the root of every other issue we face today.

The nation deficit is not the main deficit we need to deal with as a people, but yet it is the one that we here about constantly. Men are more interested in their pocketbooks than they are their eternity because they don't want to accept what they cannot see with their human eyes yet their souls are in mortal jeopardy, and they don't even recognize that fact.

We have two top men running for the top position in the nation.  One is a billionaire real-estate mogul, the other a US Senator. The billionaire seems to be doing very well among conservatives and even Evangelical Christians, which is a shock considering the lifestyle this man has led for many years. The other is an Evangelical Christian who is truly born-again and deeply loves God and Country.

Jesus said that a man cannot serve money and God at the same time that one of these will master you either money or Almighty God. I can hear Ted Cruz saying "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord", and the other one "I'm a Presbyterian" and "I go to Church when I can".  One gets it the other does not. One serves God the other serves himself. Wake Up People!

Both of these men claim Christianity but only one bears any real fruit for the Kingdom of God as living proof of the faith he claims, and the other not so much.  This one makes a big deal of his affiliation with his denomination as proof that he is a good Christian, yet he bears no fruit for God's Kingdom, only for his own kingdom.

American voters are leaning toward this arrogant billionaire instead of the humble man of God, Why?
Is this man's celebrity status greater than moral and spiritual values now?  Are we unable to dig deep enough to recognize substance over sensationalism? Are we as a people that shallow? Really?

Are the American people so deluded morally that they would support either a career criminal like Hillary Clinton or a fast-talking big deal man like Trump over a humble man of God Like Ted Cruz?
Are we as a nation so in love with our own sin that we reject a Godly man when he is trying to help our nation? I think everyone should take a step back a vet Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton before they go to vote in the primary, and the general election.

I think because of the depth of America's depravity the people just can't see beyond themselves to know what is right and what is wrong. It appears that we have sunk so far down spiritually that the people tend to gravitate towards the flashiness of celebrity, and are blinded by the bling of sound bites instead of looking at the substance.

Martin Luther King said something about a day when we did not judge a man because of his skin color but by the content of his character.  In the case of this election year, we should be looking past the bling to judge the character of each individual candidate. Personal moral values and behavior should be looked at carefully as we want leaders of good moral character to lead our nation.

Have we lost site of the values we were founded upon as a nation?  Do we not recognize that our founders sought to establish a nation where God was the ultimate head of the nation, and his Moral Law the foundation of our laws and our Constitution? Have we drifted that far away spiritually that we don't care anymore who sits in the Oval Office? How shall we recover and re-establish ourselves as 'One Nation Under God' when we reject God and His Word?

I believe that Sen. Ted Cruz embodies the spirit of our founding fathers, that is intent is not to raise himself up but to attempt to resurrect a dying republic from the depth of her depravity, and to re-establish the rule of law, the balance of power between the branches of Government, and to call this nation back to the God of her Forefathers. I believe Ted Cruz is the right man for the job of President of the United States of America.

Listen to you Evangelical Professing Christians!

You have this last chance to turn this nation around by electing a humble Godly leader who has real substance for a change. Who knows the Constitution backward and forwards and takes liberty very seriously. Ted understand that the reason the pilgrims came to America was to establish a new nation where they could worship freely without the Government breathing down their backs telling them what they could and could not believe, or preach from their pulpits.

They came to this land to escape religious persecution of the worst kind, and now we have reverted back to being a nation holds the Christian faith in contempt, and we have allowed our Government to become a tool of tyranny that again persecutes those who choose to follow Jesus Christ over the Government. Twice we allowed an extremely ungodly man to gain the Presidency mostly because Evangelicals stayed home, and/or believed Obama's lies and voted for him anyway.

We cannot afford to make this mistake again because we as a nation are nearing the point of no return where it will be next to impossible to save this nation from destroying itself. Think about this? Think hard about this? Can we afford to elect a self-righteous rich man from New York because of his celebrity status? Is he really running himself or running to give Hillary the win? Trump is risky business at best. Please take a hard look at this guy, don't just listen to all the flashy things he says, don't be dumb blind sheep this election season.

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