Friday, July 10, 2015

The State of the American Church: Part II

U.S. Supreme Court building.
In 1973, The murder of the pre-born was made legal by the Supreme Court, and in 2015 the same High Court legalized marriage for sodomites. In 2004, a man named Barrack H. Obama was elected as President of the United States, and again in 2008 he was re-elected. How are theses things possible in a land that claims to be a Christian Nation regardless of what it's leaders say? Just what kind of Christianity allows this much evil to gain this much power over the society when 80% of its population claim to be Christian?

Something is terribly wrong here is America, and with so much evil abounding in our culture it becomes very difficult to isolate the source of the problem, except it's become very clear to me through God's Word that the Church is the one responsible for this mess. Oh, did I just offend you, or make you mad by speaking the truth? There is another part of the problem today, even Church people don't want to hear the truth, they just want a nice Bible lesson on Sunday morning before they hit the Old Country Buffett, and commit the sin of gluttony.

In case you forgot what Gluttony is, it's as much a sin as homosexuality is, it is over-stuffing yourself with food, and I am just as guilty as the rest of you are of this particular sin. Let's not forget about the sin of pride that comes before a fall, and how about greed? America has a lot more greedy people in it than it does homosexuals, guaranteed.

I dare to say that the majority of the American Church is nothing more than a religious country club for the luke-warm believers to congregate, or a place for liberals to fool themselves into thinking that believing in God, and sitting in a Church building once a week will get them into Heaven. All of these people are fooling themselves into a false sense of eternal security. If they do not repent, if they are not truly born-again, they will not enter the Kingdom of God, for their names are not found written in the Lambs Book of Life.

Only a fraction of the visible Church is actually the true Church. A small remnant of believers who obey God's Word after hearing it preached. The ones who call the rest out of their comfort zone, call the Churched and the un-Churched alike to repent of their sin, and to be saved.  They stand on street corners preaching the Gospel to the lost. They stand in front of abortion clinics pleading with men and woman not to kill their babies. They Volunteer at the missions, food trucks, minister to the homeless, they prayer walk areas where there has been violence, and they stand up against evil.

They share the Gospel everywhere they go, with anyone who will talk with them. They have a burning desire to reach those who are lost without Christ, and are headed for Hell. While the bulk of professing Christians is playing it safe at home, at work, at the ball field, etc.  These people not only risk injury to themselves for the sake of the Gospel, they go out of their way  reaching those in need of the Savior.

I realize that is our modern society that life moves faster than we do, and trying to keep up is futile at best. I also realize that we need to change our priorities to be that of God's priorities. Jesus said that if we loved him we would obey his commands. Can we honestly say that we have been obedient His commands? I realize that playing ball on a team can be a positive experience for kids and good exercise for them, but teaching them the Word of God, and how to put it into action is much more important.

I wonder if the Church has any Salt and Light left in it at all? Are Christians just hanging out waiting for the Rapture to take place? I wonder exactly how many of Americas Church-goers will be actually taken up to meet the Lord in the Air? Think about this that 80% plus of Evangelical Christian has never shared their faith with anyone or led anyone to the Lord. Yet they were all ordered by Christ himself to go out and preach the Gospel, and to make disciples.

Exactly how can Christians do this when they are hold up inside their homes, or Church buildings? Sinners are not going to come to us, we must go to them. We must be creative when we evangelize the lost, the culture has changed, and the way people communicate has dramatically changed. What may have worked in the 70's does not work in 2015. The style of music has changed, even in the Church, and people are visually orientated these days, and so we use multi-media as a tool to minister to them.

Music, Dance, Art, Multimedia, and other art forms can be used to communicate Jesus Christ to the culture. Our Churches must change or they will become irrelevant, and die. In a day where some local Churches have been hemorrhaging young people, the Church must double down in their efforts to reach the younger generations, and reclaim them for Jesus Christ.

It's time for the Church to be the Church it was called to be in the first place. Persecution is not coming, it's here now!  The true followers of Jesus will be divided from the false ones now as the heat is now on, and the refiner's fires are burning ever brighter. Will you stand joyfully and endure to the end, or will you fall away and go with the crowd to do evil?

Now we will see the truth!

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