Friday, August 31, 2007

Pathetic and Powerless: The State of the American Church

The farther along we go in America, the father down the hole we as a nation fall. We are on the brink of becoming the next iron curtain nation, and most Americans are oblivious to it. We are already under a partial socialist system of government, and to proponents of this type of system are pushing harder than ever to fully implement this type of governmental system. A system that will doom and enslave the majority of Americans, locking them into a prison of starvation and misery like they have never seen before in their lifetimes.

No longer will Americans be able to speak freely, nor will they be able to worship freely. In fact,only those churches that comply with the government’s requirements will be allowed to remain open. We see this today in Canada where hate crimes laws have already been passed that are aimed at silencing the Christian voice, and influence throughout society, especially in the area where the subject of homosexuality is involved.

How did American society get this to this point? Where the very fabric of our society, marriage,and the family are under full-scale attack by extremists whose goal is to enact extreme social control over the nation.These communists are dead serious about overrunning our present form of government, and replacing it with the new age socialists system, and they are willing to stop at nothing to accomplish their goal.

What I want to know is, what is the church really doing to stop this from happening?

First of all, most so-called Christians in America are lost in their own lives, consumed by a atmosphere of entertainment and pleasure, and way too comfortable! Most go to church for the free show, churches have become spiritual entertainment centers with lots of music, multimedia,These things in themselves are not wrong, but become a big problem when they replace sound Biblical teaching, and serious prayer among the people.

The truth is that most churchgoers in the United States could care less about those who are lost and on their way to Hell. The truth is that if someone claims to be a Christian, yet has absolutely no concern for the lost, they themselves are not saved.Thus, the problem in the church today is the lack of zeal, true passion for God, and the total lack of spiritual power.Most Christians have the appearance of Christianity, but lack real spiritual power in their lives.

This is why we are loosing America today, Christians are apathetic, and do not desire the deeper things of God. They do not spend time on their knees in fervent prayer, most are content with token prayers that last a moment or two, and are nothing but vain repetitions that God does not even hear. The church is all but helpless to defend itself against its enemies because of the state it is in, the only weapon it has is political involvement, and the voting booth itself.Christian ought to involve themselves in politics, and should vote their faith and values in the voting booth, but that not enough for the long term.

We as Christians must fall on our faces before God in repentance, and we must start burning the midnight oil in prayer, seeking a deeper relationship with God, begging for his power to be manifested in our lives. The church in America needs to be shaken up so that the wheat can be separated from chaff, so that Christians will wake up and begin to take things seriously. This is the only way can be saved from being destroyed from within its own borders,and the only way our children will have a decent future.

Never forget that Judgment begins in the House of God, and it will start with those who are in positions of authority within our churches. Then the rest will be shaken, so that we might be
fruitful, and so that we might see the last great awaking take place before the rapture occurs.

Prayer is the key to revival in America, and it is the where the believer receives power from God. As Christians find the power they have been missing all this time, the church will experience success in penetrating society with the life changing Gospel again.

The enemies of the faith will stand powerless as their evil agendas utterly fall apart before their very eyes.

Fall on your knees and start praying!


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