Friday, August 31, 2007

Why I Protest the Church

I just cant stand it anymore, including myself!

The Evangelical church in America is way too comfortable!

Drunk as a Skunk on Convenience!

and most of all, the Average so-called Christian doesn't give a dang about the lost, or if they do they are way to use to inaction to do much about it.

After all it's the job of the Pastors, Teachers, and other church staff to do the witnessing right?


It is every believers job to witness, reach out to the lost with the message of the Gospel, EVERY BELIEVER!!

Statistics tell us that a large number to Church going, well meaning Christians in America aren't really saved, thats right! Our churches are loaded with false converts, this explains the lack of love and concern for the lost!

Charles Spurgeon, who said the words, "Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself. Be sure of that."

Did you get that? Did you really get that??
Did you put on Christ for the Correct Reason?

Or because some clod told you a big fat lie that Jesus would make your quality of life on this earth so much better, but that is NOT the truth. You prayed, you accepted Christ, did you come by repentance first?

Look! We are loosing this culture more and more all the time, we have almost nothing else to loose accept our personal liberty as Americans, and those freedoms are being taken from as more and more all the time.

My pet peave is that the majority of church going Christians don't pray fervently, they don't seriously seek God, they aren't willing to make the necessary sacrifices, so they just continue being dead fish Christians.

Enough is Enough!!

So I thought that if I e-protested them, I might be able to piss a few of them off enough to wake them up.

You see! For years the church has been dumbed down by forces inside and outside of her, many local churches have given way to the seducing spirits of this dark and evil world. They have become diluted by the whims of society, gone the way of the world, thrown out the truth of God's Word, and replaced it with mans word.

Feel good messages about how God is all about love and goodness, and there is no hell, and a loving and good God could not throw anyone into an awful place like that. Preachers are preaching weak sermons, they are not preaching the law of God, nor calling sinners to repentance. They are not training and equipping their congregations in the fine art of Spiritual Warfare, and so as the church goes, so goes the nation!

What a sad commentary of the state of the church in America!
America is in such sad shape because of Christians!!

This is why I chose to protest the church!!
Will you join me!

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