Friday, January 25, 2008

What were you doing?

What were you doing when the trumpet sounded?

Were you watching and waiting in anticipation for your Lord's return?

Were you doing something that he would not have approved of?

Were you too busy to pay attention to the signs of the times?

Were you shopping at the mall for more junk you don't need?

Were you going about your own business ignoring his call for you to repent?

Were you a hater of Jesus and His Gospel?

Were you kneeling at your bedside in prayer?

Were you indifferent to the need of others to be saved?

Were you taken up to be with Christ, or left behind to face hell on earth?

Are you now ashamed to yourself?

What will you be doing when Jesus comes for his own?

How will you answer him?

Will you be ashamed of yourself?

Will He be ashamed of you?

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