Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When I say Hell

There is a very unpopular subject that exists among church-goers, and non-church goers alike. It is the subject of a literal burning Hell where those who reject Christ and his offer of Salvation end up. This is described is Scripture as a place of literal torment, not a pleasant subject, and that is why many church people choose to ignore the subject. I will be focusing on those within American's churches in this particular article.

Statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 So-called Christians believe in Hell, the place of torment. Statistics also tell us that there are 75 million un-churched Americans, some of them even consider themselves to be Christian, and some of those claim to have made a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Which ever way you slice the pie, we live in a culture that is extremely lost, and on it's way to Hell, and the lake of fire. It's not a joking matter friends, this is serious business, and I mean serious business.

There is another serious issue within the Christian church, and that would have to do with the indifference in the hearts of so-called believers concerning those who are lost without Christ. An extremely large portion of the American church is not actively involved in pursuing lost souls. This is due to the fact that our churches have become entertainment meccas, and religious country clubs, or full of ice cold religious folk.

People are set in their way's, comfortable and conformed to the world, instead of conformed to Christ. You can find the frozen chosen most every Sunday morning sitting in the same spot, in the same pew they normally sit in, hoping the preacher gets done with his sermon early, so they get home in time to watch the big game.

I really want to put the fear of God Almighty in you people!

When I say HELL! It ought to send a chill through your bones, starting at your head, all the way down to your toes. It ought to scare you, make you think about those around you week after week that are on their way there.

The thought of a dear friend, or a loved one entering this horrible place ought to scare you enough to prompt you think about their eternal destination, and how to reach then for Christ.

Likewise the thought of anyone burning alive for all of eternity ought to make you sick to your stomach. No one ever has to enter that horrible place, Christ does not want anyone to perish, he wants everyone to come to Salvation. A mental vision of Hell should cause one to engage in evangelistic work pronto!

That is why the church is here on this earth, to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus Christ. We are his physical representation upon this earth, if we don't do it, no one will.

We need major revival in the American church, and it will only come with much prayer before God. The preachers need to hit their knees on behalf on their congregations, and set the example, and teach on the need for feverent prayer.

Call your congregations to prayer, serious prayer, ferverent prayer!

Cancel whatever programs you have to, do away with outside distractions, and pray till the power of the Lord comes down!


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