Saturday, April 26, 2008


In houses of Worship all across the land, people gather, Sunday after Sunday for the same reason, to Worship God, but is God really being worshiped in way he wants to be worshiped? Or, are most church goers just blowing smoke out their nether regions, and wasting God's time and theirs as they repeat the same old process week after week.

Their is a feeling I get when I view the masses gathered for what they call Worship, it sends a chill up and down my back, because I see that most church goers are missing some key ingredients. They lack LOVE for God, and LOVE for each other, they lack passion for God, and compassion for each other.

The Scripture makes it very clear that without LOVE, we are nothing. The worship of many has become as a clanging cymbal in the ears of God, mostly annoying the crap out of him, and not honoring him, nor adoring him as it ought to.

The problem stems from this major point, most church goers are mentally and spiritually unprepared before they enter the house of worship. Their hearts are not focused on the Lord God in the way they ought to be. Churches have become houses of fellowship, and friendship, Religious Country clubs where the well meaning go to get seen, and put on a good front.

My charge is this! Church goers are ill prepared to come before God, to meet with him, and experience his awesome presence. Thus being ill prepared results in wasting ones energy, and time worshiping God Almighty who has already turned a deaf ear to them out of shear annoyance. There prayers and songs don't even penetrate the cloud cover overhead, let alone make it into the throne room of heaven.

I am referencing that the heart attitude of 'would be' worshipers is not fixed on it's creator God when they enter the house of worship as it ought to be. Rather they enter nonchalantly, as if walking into the grocery store to purchase food stuffs. or a theater to watch a picture show.

There is a lack of reverence, and lack of respect, and mostly a lack of burning passion for God!!

SO, how will you enter your local house of Worship from now on?

Maybe we all should spend more time on our knees, seeking God in fervent prayer, so that we can enter the church house fully prepared to meet with God as living sacrifices, fully offered up to him. Focused on worshiping God in Spirit and Truth, so that his ears will be tuned into the praises we are showering upon him, and so that his heart will be blessed by our Worship.

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