Thursday, July 3, 2008


I look around at all the ungodliness that is parading around in the streets of this nation, and wonder how in the world things got this bad. It seems that every evil thing man can dream up is coming out of the woodwork, almost like a low budget horror film, the monsters are climbing out of their graves, and starting to haunt the rest of us.

I ask myself sometimes why God does not unleash the terror of his judgment on those who are calling evil good, and good evil.

Then I ask God why he does not send a wave or two of his awesome judgment upon certain people, and places in our country. Would that prove his existence too those who doubt he exists? Or would they just blame it on global warming again?

Then God reminds me in my spirit that the judgment I long for him to delve out starts with the righteous, not the unrighteous.

Judgment Begins with the House of God (1 Peter 4:17)

I still strongly believe that the reason American Society has regressed morally and spiritually is due to the fact that the church has slipped morally and spiritually.

It has been said that " As the church goes, so goes the nation."

I do firmly believe that the present state of the nation is the churches fault!

The lack of love for one another! The lack of love of God and his Holy Word!
The lack of spiritual power in the lives of said believers, especially those who speak from America's pulpits, shame on them for being ALL talk, and NO action!


For many have spent their lives inside our churches denying the "Power Thereof"!

Christian's in America are LUKEWARM at best, many are ice cold and indifferent, and just don't care anymore. Christianity is viewed by the culture as a has-been religion to be done away with because they hear our words, but don't see proof of what we say.

Signs and wonders are to follow the preaching of the Gospel. This is the physical proof that there is a God in Heaven. This was instituted by God to give man proof he/she could see with their own eye's, to validate the Word of God in the minds of mankind.

However I am more concerned with the lack of fervent prayer in lives of those who claim to be believers in Christ, and even more the lack of concern for those who are lost in sin. Also the lack of desire to move into the deeper things of God, to know him more personally every day.

Christians in America better pull their head out of their rectums real soon, we are clearly in the last day's, our time is short. We need one more big national revival in America! Will you join me in praying for it?

Surely there will be judgment for many within church as many are not soundly saved.Many church people will cry out Lord, Lord, and hear him say "I don't know you!"

We are supposed to be shaping the culture, not letting the culture shape us! We who are in Christ as supposed to be the counter-culture movement, not those who are outside of Christ and lost. Will you change your way's now Christian??

Because Judgment Begins with the House of God!

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