Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Coming Fire of Purification by Persecution

The Bible tells us that in the last day's before the rapture occurs, that men will become extremely immoral, more violent, and filled with hate. We are warned that the last day's will be as the day's of Noah were before the flood. Men scoff and the Bible, the cross, and the Christian faith.

They continually challenge the authority of Scripture, even going as far as too re-write it to fit their evil agendas, but the greatest travesty of all lies with those who call themselves Christians, and with those who lead them.

It has been said that "as he church goes, so goes the nation"!

The Church of Jesus Christ in the United States, and Canada is to blame for much of the moral and spiritual decay we see today in society. If you are looking for someone to blame for the encroachment of marriage by sodomites, blame yourself because your lack of spiritual depth, and the fact your don't really live Biblically, is to blame!

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and a few other Christian leaders are warning us to stand at all cost to defend life, and prepare for persecution!

Our nation just elected a man who claimed to be a Christian, who is not born-again and spirit filled, and is actually of the anti-Christ, and is expected to bring persecution upon Bible Believing Christians in America. He along with anti-Christian liberals in Congress are sure to pass into law pieces of legislation aimed at destroying the all the inroads we have made over the years to save the unborn. Obama has also promised to veto any attempt to protect the sacred institution of marriage.

In many other places across the globe Christianity is against the law, or close to it. People are beaten, disowned by family, left homeless, and even martyred for there faith in Christ. As the Christian's of the dark ages walked into the arena to be eaten live by hungry lions, as Nero watched gleefully. So people in China, Africa, and other countries under Islamic rule suffer great persecution for their faith.

The church grows under persecution!

While the Church in America is dwindling away to nothing!

But things are about to change however, and it's the best thing that could happen to America's country club Christians, they are about to be truly persecuted for what they believe in a way they have never been before!

The fires of purification are about to burn brightly, and the true church will be set apart unto her Lord and Savior while the false sheep are hiding in the world, hoping they wont be spotted and singled out. Just like those followers of Christ who ran for cover, or kept their mouth shut to protect themselves, thinking they too might be beaten, and or crucified if they admitted to being a follower of Christ.

The Lord tells us that we will be beaten and hauled into court for his namesake, but that we are not to worry for he will place the correct words in our mouths at the proper time.

Prepare to have your money taken from you, your cushy homes, and fancy cars! Prepare to have less food to eat, and not eating out! Prepare to loose your jobs because of your faith in Christ! Prepare to have your homes firebombed by angry evil men! Prepare to loose your families that you love so dearly! Prepare to spend time in jail or prison, and even prepare to die for what you say you believe!

The church has NOT stood against sin the way it should, even within our own local fellowships we have turned a blind eye of convenience. Those who stand behind our pulpits have not preached strongly against sin, and the church members have not stood up and publicly renounced the evil that runs rampant in our society.

So called Christians do not seek God Passionately, and Continually. They do not seek after the Holiness, and Righteousness of God! They do not love God or each other the way they ought too! and they wonder why society is so screwed up, and why an ungodly man won the White House.

Oh Dear Brother, Dear Sister in Christ!

Will you now fall to your knees in repentance? Will you now weep before the Lord your God? Will you now seek him with your whole heart? Will you now let go of the false treasures of this world that you've been worshiping? Will you now stop living in Laeodocia, being complacent and apathetic unto the things of God? Will you now immerse yourself into his Holy Word? Will you now seek and desire his Holiness and Righteousness instead of your happiness??

Oh God call your people unto yourself! Allow them to burn with a fiery passion for Christ Jesus! So that they may boldly stand against sin! OH LORD send the purifying and refining fires unto your people in the United States and Canada, fill us with a true anointing of your Holy Spirit, not just words that sound good when they are said, but a real burning fire within us! Oh God you alone are our provider, and our deliverer! Our refuge from the storm the rages! We exalt you, and give you praise! In the Name of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God! AMEN!

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