Saturday, January 17, 2009

12,000 Churches

12,000 Churches sign up to celebrate evolution!

12,000 Churches are going to celebrate Darwin's 200th Birthday!

12,000 Churches are forsaken the Authority of the Word of God!

12,000 Churches have bought into a lie!

12,000 Churches are horribly in error!

12,000 Churches no longer confront sin!

12,000 Churches no longer teach God's Word!

12,000 Churches in America are a disgrace unto the Gospel of Christ!

12,000 Churches have 12,000 preachers that should be ashamed of themselves!

12,000 Preachers ought to find a different line of work!

I wonder how many false converts are part of these 12,000 churches, and how many will be shocked on judgment day too find out they are still lost in their sin!
What a disgrace this is to the Lord when church goers no longer believe his Word, but rather take fallible man's word instead. I pray God will send a new wave of repentance and revival to our churches soon!

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