Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ever wonder why so many are walking away from the Christian faith?

Why young people reach a certain age and they no longer want anything to do with church?

Why Churches seem to be so Spiritually Dead?

Why the Spirit of God is NOT moving?

Why no one is being ’saved’?

Why we don’t see any miracles happening?

It seems that so many Christians have put God in a nice little box, where they can keep him where they want him, safe and out of site. Contained neatly within the parameters where they want to keep him, where they are comfortable with him, and they can do his so-called work without him (God) getting in their way.

So now they can push their own will, instead of to do God’s will, it’s very convenient for them you see, they are free to enforce their own agenda within the church, instead of obeying God’s agenda. Because God’s agenda seems to always get in the way, and that causes problems to those ‘control freaks’ within our churches.

Yes they have God in a Box!

Neatly housed where he can’t cause trouble!

For instance, God can’t heal anybody if we are too busy denying that he still heals today!

He (God) can’t deliver anyone from drugs, or sexual addictions if we keep him locked in the box where he can’t interfere with the churches counseling ministry, after all we know that psychology produces results, at least sometimes.

Preachers talk about how we ’Need a move of God’!

But if God were really to move they way he wants to move, we wouldn’t know how to handle the manifestation of his glory, so it’s just safer to keep him locked in a little box where we control the outcome, instead of yielding ourselves to him in obedience and letting him have control.

The truth is that if God were to move and manifest his power, most modern ‘so-called’ followers of Christ would not be able to handle it if the Holy Spirit were to step down and show forth the power of God!
It’s much easier to just deny that God still works like that these day’s then it is to acknowledge that God is all powerful and able to work miracles in our midst despite our own lack of faith, and disobedience to God and his Holy Word.

Most preachers call for a move of God now and then, but mostly it’s just words coming out of their mouths. They may really want God to move, but they lack the anointing from the Lord to get it done!

Talk is cheap even in church!

It is easier for some preachers just to keep God in a box, where he won’t call them deeper into the things of God. For if they delved into the deeper things of God, they would have to call their congregation forth from their spiritual slumber, and that might have negative repercussions attached to it, like looking for a new preaching position in a different town!

It’s easier to let sleeping dogs lie than too attempt to wake them up, and many preachers are just happy to let them lie there, asleep in the light.

Nevertheless, the preacher has the responsibility to preach the truth, and he must be Rev. Porcupine, and stick it too them good, “ouch preacher! It‘s getting prickly in here“.

Trust me, they are in every church, those who are just along for the ride, comfortable in their undemanding lives, keeping God in his box where he can’t interfere with their spiritual nap, it’s so nice being apathetic and indifferent to the things of God. It’s so nice basking in the warmth of our own self-righteousness, and self-dependence

We have snuffed out the fire of God in our churches. We have limited his presence and power by boxing him up the way we wanted him, so that God will not call us out of our comfortable lives and ask us to do something we deem as unpleasant in nature, that would disrupt our way of life.

The church is chocked full of false converts who could care less about the lost, let alone a real move of God, and a revival would just upset them way to much. It’ so much easier to just shut down those within the church whom God lights a fire inside of by just saying something like this - “We don’t do it that way around here” or “Your not qualified to do that, you don’t have a Bible degree!” or “Your hormones are out of balance, go see a doctor!”

God say’s in His Word - 1 Thessalonians 5:19 (Amplified Bible)

“Do not quench (suppress or subdue) the [Holy] Spirit;”

But yet so many who call themselves Christians are doing just that, living in denial of the power of God, shoving God in a box where he can’t screw up their comfy lives. It’s easier to box God up instead of boxing ourselves up.

I got a better idea!

God here I am, I am in the box now, instead of you!

This box is a present for you God! Please Open Me! Open Me!

Pull the bow of first, oh boy!

Cannot wait for you to get me unwrapped God, I am in the box now, and you are free to do your own will, and move the way you want too!

Hurry God unwrap me! I can hardly wait until you get the paper off!

The anticipation in killing me God, unwrap me, I am all yours to do with what you want too! My life belongs to you, not me, I give you 100% ownership of me, I belong to you anyway, I’m not my own person, I never have been. Do with me as you will, I yield myself to you completely. I am still in this box God waiting for you to unwrap me hurry!

Yes! Yes! That’s it God! Take the last of paper off, now open the box, oh boy!

Yes, here I am God, READY TO DO YOUR WILL!

I AM NOT my own person; you God own the rights to me, now I surrender them to you. I no longer want to force my own will, but I will seek your will. I am done denying your power and might! I want to embrace your move, the move of the Holy Spirit!

It is hard, I’m not going to lie to you. Seeking God seriously and praying for revival in our lives bring demonic oppression against us. It’s far more easier to just float along in Jesus until rapture day, but that is not what God really desires of us. He desires us to do much deeper into him, to experience all he has to offer us, so that we can be fully used of him to reach the lost.

Let us stop putting God, in a Box!

Let us stop embracing our own convenience lifestyles, and the things of this world, and let us jump headlong in God, and embrace his will, and his move!

Not our will, but his be done!



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